Cornea or Keratoconus Treatment in Mumbai

What is Cornea?

Cornea is a transparent first coat of the eye responsible for two-thirds of the eye’s focusing power. It covers the front of the eye like a watch-glass and is a window through which rays of light enter the eye. It also helps shield the eye from germs, dust and other harmful pollutants.

Three most important therapies related to cornea are –

  • Contact lens – they are fitted over the cornea and substitute glasses
  • LASIK – reshaping of cornea and permanent removal of glasses

Corneal transplant – replacing diseased cornea with healthy donor cornea and aid in vision

Get help right away when you experience

Some common causes of corneal problems


When to see a


If you notice any of the cataract related symptoms mentioned above, see your doctor right away. Book an appointment with our cataract eye specialists in Mumbai.

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