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The Superspeciality Eye Hospital in Mumbai

Founded in 2020, Iksha eye care is one of the top-ranked eye hospitals in Andheri, Mumbai, for advanced diagnosis and treatment led by Dr. Ghodke - the best cataract surgeon. The name of the hospital, “Iksha” is derived from the Sanskrit word, which means sight.
Iksha delivers numerous ophthalmic treatments under the direction of highly skilled eye specialists in Mumbai. Conveniently, Iksha is situated at a quick distance from the airport. We take immense pride in being Mumbai’s best eye hospital with well-equipped infrastructure, new-age amenities, specialized eye doctors, and the best cataract surgeon to provide superspeciality consultation and treatments to patients.

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Our Services

Cataract eye surgery

Cataract eye surgery

Cataract is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. The clouding of the lens causes loss of vision leading to blindness if not treated.


Refractive (LASIK)

A method for correcting or improving your vision that permanently eliminates the need for corrective eye wear or contact lenses. LASIK offers a safe way to treat your eyes.



The transparent front part of the eye that permits light into the eye. Iksha provides various treatments for corneal disorders.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Our Pediatric ophthalmologists are well trained to diagnose, treat and manage vision care in children of all ages.



A squint is a condition in which the eyes are not in alignment. Early treatment is usually recommended for a squint to prevent further problems.



Glaucoma is an eye condition referring to the damage of the optic nerve due to abnormally high pressure in the eye. The treatment involves reducing the eye pressure.



The retina services are meant to treat and cure the infections and inflammations developed in the retina. Due to the retina’s vital role in vision, damage to it can cause permanent blindness.



Uveitis is inflammation of the middle layer of the eyeball. Uveitis warning signs often come suddenly and may get worse with time. Treatment for uveitis involves controlling the inflammation.

Orbit and Oculoplasty

Orbit and Oculoplasty

Orbit refers to the cavity in the skull that contains the eye. Oculoplasty refers to surgical corrections related to orbital deformities.

Neuro Ophthalmology


A specialty that concentrates on neurological problems related to the eye. Our trained ophthalmologists attend to conditions like neuro-optic and auto-immune diseases.

Contact lens

Contact lens

Contact lens provide a safe and effective way to correct vision acting as an alternative to eye glasses. Iksha offers dispensing of regular and specialty contact lenses and solutions.

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Why Us

One-stop superspeciality eye hospital in Andheri

Find comprehensive eye care solutions and the best cataract surgeon under one roof. Iksha is a superspeciality eye hospital in Mumbai with top eye doctors and the best cataract surgeons.

Relief assured eye care treatments

Iksha, the leading eye hospital in Andheri with highly skilled specialists and top surgeons of Mumbai, provides result-driven treatment to the patients.

Patient-centric approach

Our top priority is to cater swift and hassle-free solutions through courses and treatments that are delivered by the best cataract surgeons and renowned eye specialists in Mumbai. This makes us the top eye hospital in Andheri that provides effective eye care facilities.

Sight is the ultimate weapon

We believe humans are limited by their vision. Clear sight is more than just about seeing things. We provide adequate treatments to behold a clear sight.

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Meet our team of renowned eye specialists in Mumbai

Meet our expert team of ophthalmologists who have completed their clinical and surgical superspeciality training from some prominent and reputed, and world-renowned institutes in the country.

Dr. Bhushan Ghodke

Dr. Bhushan Ghodke

Medical Director
Cornea, Cataract, and LASIK Specialist

Dr Pooja Ghodke - Pediatric Ophthalmology Squint Specialist

Dr. Pooja Ghodke

Pediatric Ophthalmology & Squint Specialist

Dr. Gunjan Rathi

Dr. Gunjan Rathi Kelkar

Oculoplasty Consultant

Dr Dhanashree Mane PNG

Dr. Dhanashree Mane

Vitreo-Retina Consultant


We are




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Patient Reviews

Rajesh Murthy

We have been consulting Dr. Pooja Ghodke at Iksha Eye Care for close to 2 years now, for my son who was diagnosed with a complicated squint condition. We had already approached 2 well known specialists before coming to Dr. Pooja, but were not satisfied with their treatment strategy. Dr. Pooja is among the rarest of breed of doctors who approached the case like a scientific research problem, without any preconceived opinions of similar cases. For majority of the diagnosis and treatment phase, she ensured that my son had every possibility of getting his condition corrected with non-invasive techniques, finally, culminating into an eye surgery as the only FINAL solution. We are still visiting her for post-operative treatment and there is no drop in her intensity, just because the job is done. Dr. Pooja took the utmost care while treating my son and always kept us in the loop for everything that she was trying. She is extremely humble, simple and an expert in her field. The same culture is reflected in her staff , a special mention to Kajal, Sneha and Hardeep, who treat every patient with respect and humility, irrespective of their income status. They go out of their way to make patients comfortable at the clinic. I have also seen some of the under privileged patients being treated at free of charge. This is unheard of, in today's world. Their consultation fee is also economical and many a times we were not charged for our follow-up visits. Overall, we are highly satisfied with Dr. Pooja and her staff, and very strongly recommend Iskha Eye Care for paediatric and adult patients.

pradeep parmar

It's was good experience, The facilities they provides and the technology they used for check up are of high quality. Beautiful experience.. Visited the hospital for the first time and I'm highly satisfied and happy with the overall experience.. They take care of you completely and also follow all the necessary precautions of Covid 19... Keep up the good work.

Mrunali Tikle

The staff is very polite and clearly explains everything. The Senior Dr.Bhushan Ghodke is very patient and gives enough time on explaining things technically to their patients. It was a nice experience being here and the best part was, it was free eye checkup camp but there was no compromises done with the quality pr service. Highly recommended it.

chandani gupta

My grandfather's Right eye cataract surgery was done at Iksha Eye Care by Dr. Bhushan Ghodke.. We all are really really happy and satisfied with the overall treatment and assistance given to us. Staff is doing a fantastic job. Thank you so much for the right guidance and help. Highly recommended...

Jayendra Babariya

My both eyes cataract surgery has been done at Iksha Eye Care by Dr. Bhushan Ghodke.. I really cant thank him enough for the overall support, advice and help given to me by the entire team. Everyone is doing a fantastic job.. Highly Recommended by in future also..

vasant mote

My both eyes cataract surgery has been done at Iksha Eye Care by Dr. Bhushan Ghodke. I'm completely satisfied with the overall experience and assistance given to me by the entire Iksha team. I'm really really grateful and thankful specially to Dr. Bhushan Ghodke.. Keep up the good work..

Gajanan Gharat

Entire team of Iksha eye care is very kind and extremely helpful. Listen query/doubts patiently and provide treatment accordingly. Surely recommended as my personal experience.

Divyani Joshi

Staff was very cooperative. Doctor Bhushan sir is very kind explains things nicely .. patiently listens to doubts/query and explains . Also, best recommended for cataract as my personal experience was very good with Iksha eye care


Visited Iksha eye care today for my eye check up. The services they provide was fantastic. Dr Pooja Ghodke explained me everything thing about my treatment in detail. Thank you ...

Vinayak Mirani

The doctor is an amazing ophthalmologist. Very humble and down to earth. Will listen to all the problems very patiently and give you the best advice. The staff is very friendly and welcoming as well. Most other doctors charge wayy lot and don't have service to the mark. I'll be honest i was a bit sceptical seeing almost full rating on google . Honestly, today's visit cleared all the scepticism i had. Hope we get such good doctors and staff everywhere else.

Sharada Devi

Visited at iksha Eye care for my cataract surgery and Dr bhushan done it so good. He has given me good suggestion and support throughout the entire procedure. I'm extremely satisfied with the service and very humble staff members. Now, I can see anything very clear with my new vision.

    Posting on behalf of my parents, Angelo & Barbara D'Souza, based on their experience with my mum's surgery at Iksha Eye Care Clinic Our sincere thanks to Dr. Bhushan Ghodke founder of Iksha Eye Care who is a “real” and rare and special doctor. He is courteous, patient and generous with his time to hear all his patients’ problems and he explains simply but in detail the entire picture and allows for questions and discussion on even minor doubts. His gentle and encouraging attitude is a big part of the healing after his expert surgery, Thanks are due to his pleasant , courteous and efficient staff who have been well trained to give all necessary care and help to the patients at all times. We are truly blessed ,after two recent cataract operations , to the Doctor and his staff, and we thank them sincerely for all the medical and moral support. Iksha Eye Care is definitely the right place and the best one to get treatment for the eyes.

    Steven D’Souza

    We visited Iksha Eye Care for my mother. We consulted with Dr. Pooja Ghodke who is an extremely kind and affable doctor, a thorough professional who is sure to make you feel at ease. The support staff were also courteous and warm. All the tests were conducted with so much patience and made our visit a smooth experience. I highly recommend Dr. Pooja to anyone looking for a specialist!

    Jaina Kumar

    Dr. Bhushan Ghodke treated the cataract in both my eyes and the entire procedure, from the first visit to the last check-up was absolutely amazing. The doctor and the staff are extremely kind and helped explain the procedure clearly. The overall treatment and experience was great - I would surely recommend Iksha Eye Care!

    Chetna Shah

    I did a video call since my mother is bedridden. My mother had watery eyes. Dr came on time. Photos were sent on chat and she viewed my mother through the call. She explained the cause and was very polite. She gave a very conservative treatment since it was a video call and physical testing was not possible which may be necessary in ailments related to eyes. I appreciate her help and was at ease seeking her advise. She made me feel comfortable and I was happy approaching her.

    Laxman Kamat

    He gives full attention to understand patient’s problem and then explains the nature of the problem in such a caring manner that patient develops confidence in him. ** ** **** ************* ** *** *****.His hospital is well equipped with all required services available in house. I highly recommend this doctor.

    Trilochana Dholakia

    Excellent Hospitality...***** ** *** **** *** ******** ** **********.....Visited for mother Eye Cataract Operation Age 61 ........Dr. Bhushan Ghodke is very helpful & explained everything about the Cataract surgery in easy language.......Staff & Asst.Doctor behaviour are superb....Service is too good....I will recommend everyone to visit for **** treatment for Eye in future.

    Shubhangi Mahendra Vaidya

      Founded in 2020 by Dr. Ghodke, “Iksha” is a small attempt to provide a one-stop solution for the Best-in-class standardized services by a team of highly skilled eye care super-specialists.

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