Neuro Ophthalmology Specialists in Mumbai

What is Neuro-Ophthalmology?

Neuro-Ophthalmology is a superspeciality which deals with treatment of visual problems that are related to the nervous system including various optic nerve disorders. As the optic nerve transmits visual stimuli to brain, any abnormality to the optic nerve may lead to irreversible vision loss if not treated in time.

Neuro-ophthalmology has a multi-disciplinary approach with a team of neurologist, radiologist, and an ophthalmologist working together towards finding the right diagnosis.

Symptoms and Signs


  • Reduced blood supply caused by hypertension, diabetes or smoking
  • Inflammation (swelling)
  • Compression of the eye caused by tumor

When to see a


Above mentioned symptoms and signs may require attention from a neuro-ophthalmologist. Book an appointment with our neuro-ophthalmologist specialists in Mumbai today.