Superspeciality Eye Hospital in Mumbai, India

Founded in 2020, Iksha eye care is one of the top-rated eye hospitals in Andheri, Mumbai for eye care services led by Dr. Ghodke – best eye surgeon in Mumbai. The hospital derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Iksha’ which means sight.

Iksha provides a variety of ophthalmic treatments under the guidance of highly skilled eye specialists in Mumbai. Conveniently located at a short distance from airport, Iksha takes pride in being the best eye hospital in Mumbai equipped with modern amenities, specialized eye doctors to provide the best possible patient experience.

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Why Iksha Eye care hospital

Why Us

Total Eye Care under One Roof

Comprehensive eye care services, a one stop solution for your eye care needs

Quality assurance by Superspecialists

Highly specialized eye specialists and surgeons providing safe and result oriented eye treatments

Patient-centric experience

Our services are focused on providing a smooth, hassle-free experience for our patients through the course of the treatment

‘Sight is Everything’ approach

We believe humans are only limited by their vision. Clear sight does so much more than help see clearly. Sight is Everything.

Our Team of Eye specialists in Mumbai

Meet our expert team of ophthalmologists who have completed their clinical and surgical super-specialty training from the most reputed and world-renowned institutes of the country.

Dr Bhushan Ghodke

Dr Bhushan Ghodke

Medical Director
Cornea, Cataract & Refractive surgery specialist

Dr Pooja Ghodke

Dr Pooja Ghodke

Pediatric Ophthalmologist & Squint Specialist

Dr Dhanashreen Mane

Dr Dhanashree Mane

Vitreo-Retina Surgeon


We are



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Our Services

cataract eye surgery

Cataract eye surgery

Cataract is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. The clouding of the lens causes loss of vision leading to blindness if not treated.


Refractive (LASIK)

A method for correcting or improving your vision that permanently eliminates the need for corrective eye wear or contact lenses. LASIK offers a safe way to treat your eyes.



The transparent front part of the eye that permits light into the eye. Iksha provides various treatments for corneal disorders.


Pediatric Ophthalmology

Our Pediatric ophthalmologists are well trained to diagnose, treat and manage vision care in children of all ages.



A squint is a condition in which the eyes are not in alignment. Early treatment is usually recommended for a squint to prevent further problems.



Glaucoma is an eye condition referring to the damage of the optic nerve due to abnormally high pressure in the eye. The treatment involves reducing the eye pressure.

Male ophthalmologist checking woman eyesight


The retina services are meant to treat and cure the infections and inflammations developed in the retina. Due to the retina’s vital role in vision, damage to it can cause permanent blindness.



Uveitis is inflammation of the middle layer of the eyeball. Uveitis warning signs often come suddenly and may get worse with time. Treatment for uveitis involves controlling the inflammation.


Orbit and Oculoplasty

Orbit refers to the cavity in the skull that contains the eye. Oculoplasty refers to surgical corrections related to orbital deformities.



A specialty that concentrates on neurological problems related to the eye. Our trained ophthalmologists attend to conditions like neuro-optic and auto-immune diseases.

contact lens

Contact lens

Contact lens provide a safe and effective way to correct vision acting as an alternative to eye glasses. Iksha offers dispensing of regular and specialty contact lenses and solutions.

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