7 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Safe This Summer 2024

Summer heat is at its peak in Mumbai, and with it comes longer days, brighter sunshine, and a whole lot of fun outdoors. But while we’re soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying the season’s activities, it’s important not to forget about protecting our precious eyes. Just like our skin, our eyes are prone to damage from the sun and other summer elements. 

We at Iksha Eye Care, your trusted ophthalmologist in Mumbai, want to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable summer. That’s why we’ve compiled these 7 essential tips to keep your eyes healthy and happy all season long.

1. Shade yourself with UV-blocking sunglasses:

This one might seem obvious, but it’s worth repeating. Sunglasses are an absolute must-have for summer. Look for sunglasses that block not only UVB rays but also UVA rays. The label should indicate “100% UV protection” to ensure complete coverage. 

Here are a few additional points to consider when choosing sunglasses:

a. Lens Color: While darker lenses might seem more protective, the colour itself doesn’t guarantee UV blockage. Always prioritize UV protection over darkness. 

b. Polarized Lenses: These lenses offer an extra layer of defence by reducing glare, which can be especially bothersome during summer. 

c. Wraparound Styles: These provide more coverage around the eyes, blocking sunlight from entering from the sides.

Remember, when it comes to sunglasses, you get what you pay for. Investing in a high-quality pair from a reputable company will ensure your eyes are getting the best possible protection.

2. Don’t forget your hat: 

A wide hat is not just a fashion statement, it’s a valuable tool for protecting your eyes from direct sunlight. Look for hats with brims that shade your face, forehead, and the sides of your eyes. This will help reduce squinting and minimize UV exposure.

3. Stay hydrated for healthy eyes:

Dehydration can lead to dry, irritated eyes. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day, especially during this hot summer weather. Aim for eight glasses of water a day, and adjust based on your activity level. 

4. Take breaks from screens:

Summer might mean more time spent outdoors, but it can also lead to increased screen time. Whether you’re catching up on work, checking social media, or enjoying summer movies, it’s important to give your eyes a break. 

Every 20 minutes, look away from your screen for 20 seconds and focus on something 20 feet away. This helps to relax your eye muscles and reduce eye strain.

5. Beware of swimming pool chemicals:

Chlorine and other chemicals found in swimming pools can irritate the eyes. If you wear contact lenses, consider switching to prescription goggles while swimming. If you don’t wear contacts, rinsing your eyes with fresh water after swimming can help remove any lingering chemicals.

6. Watch out for seasonal allergies:

Summer often brings on seasonal allergies, which can cause itchy, watery eyes. If you experience these symptoms, consult an eye doctor at Iksha Eye Care. They can recommend medications to avoid your allergy symptoms.

7. Schedule regular eye exams:

Even if you’re following all these tips, scheduling regular eye exams is important for maintaining good eye health. Your eye doctor can detect any potential problems early on and recommend appropriate treatment. 

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