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What is Cataract Eye Surgery?

Within our eyes, there exists a natural lens that bends incoming light rays, facilitating our ability to see clearly. For optimal vision, this lens must remain transparent and unclouded. However, a cataract represents a clouding of this typically clear lens. Imagine it as akin to peering through a frosted or misty window for those afflicted with cataracts. While most cataracts develop slowly and initially do not impact vision, they gradually encroach upon it over time. When a cataract begins to interfere with your vision or daily activities, it may be time to consider cataract surgery—a safe and effective procedure.

Expert Cataract Eye Surgery in Andheri

About Cataract Eye Surgery:

Cataract surgery entails the removal of the clouded or opaque lens, which is then replaced with an artificial lens known as the intraocular lens (IOL). This intraocular lens is positioned in the same location as the natural lens, becoming a permanent fixture within the eye.

Cataract surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis and is renowned for its safety and effectiveness.

It is normal to experience mild discomfort, dryness, and sensitivity to light during the days following the surgery.

Signs & Symptoms

Cloudy or blurred vision

Increased difficulty with nighttime vision

Heightened sensitivity to light and glare

Frequent changes in eyeglass prescriptions

Fading of colours

Double vision in one eye

Risk Factors

Advancing age



Elevated exposure to sunlight

A history of eye injuries or eye diseases

A history of prior eye surgery or the use of oral steroid tablets

Extended use of steroid eye drops

Excessive alcohol consumption

Procedure at Iksha

1. Numbing Medication:

Your healthcare provider administers numbing eye drops or an injection, and you may receive additional medications as needed.

2. Cataract Removal:

Utilizing a specialised microscope, your provider performs cataract removal through tiny incisions.

3. Recovery:

Stitches are typically unnecessary, as the small incisions naturally close on their own. Your provider may use tape to secure them.

Cataract surgery at IKSHA

Done on an outpatient basis, meaning you do not need to stay in hospital after the surgery.

Almost all the cataract surgeries are done under topical anesthesia (by putting ONLY EYEDROPS) and NO INJECTION is used to numb the eye except in special circumstances.

Almost all the cataract surgeries are done under topical anesthesia (by putting ONLY EYEDROPS) and NO INJECTION is used to numb the eye except in special circumstances.

All cataract surgeries are done with PHACOEMULSIFICATION technique, which is a micro-incisional stitch-less cataract surgery.

A foldable intraocular lens is then implanted in the eye through the same micro-incision.

Vision correction for both near and far distance is possible, with least dependency on glasses.

Patient can resume work in the shortest possible time.


Monofocal lens- with single focus, either for distance or near.

Multifocal lens- more than one focus, which allow correction of vision for both near and far distance.

Trifocal lens- Technologically most advanced, which provides excellent vision for near and distance, in addition to intermediate distance which provide satisfactory vision for computer users.

Toric lens-to correct astigmatism in patients with high cylindrical power prior to surgery. Meet your doctor at IKSHA, who can guide you in selecting the right lens according to your needs.

Testimonials from our patients

We understand that clear and enhanced vision is a precious gift that transforms lives. With each individual and family, we’ve had the privilege to serve, our commitment to exceptional eye care has yielded more than just healthier eyes! We proudly share the heartfelt experiences of our patients, who have entrusted us with the chance to serve them, enhancing their life experiences.

Sheetal Mohan

Thankyou Dr Bhushan for giving us such good service ..My grandmother cataract surgery has been very great..It was a pleasant experience at lksha eye care hospital... Both ma'amand sir are very humble and polite to talk. Also the staff over there are excellent. very clean and hygienic environment. Will surely visit again and recommend others too..

Sushma Sikka

Excellent experience. Both Dr. Bhushan and Dr Pooja are very good. My husband was getting very anxious before the surgery. They literally helped him calm down before his surgery. The staff too is very polite and co operative.

Chandani Gupta

My grandfather's Right eye cataract surgery was done at Iksha Eye Care by Dr. Bhushan Ghodke.. We all are really really happy and satisfied with the overall treatment and assistance given to us. Staff is doing a fantastic job. Thank you so much for the right guidance and help. Highly recommended...