Is LASIK safe for me? Is LASIK painless?

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For many people, glasses change how they look, so they prefer to wear contact lenses. As lenses are not a permanent solution with added risk due to overwear, people opt for a permanent treatment like LASIK surgery. But LASIK is not for everybody.

We have met many people who think of getting this surgery to experience spectacle-free clear vision but avoid it due to multiple uncleared doubts.

Here, we would try to clear a few safety-related common doubts which can make the decision making easy for patients.


Introduction of LASIK Surgery

In 1999, LASIK surgery was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as one of the safest options to get rid of glasses with a success rate of 99.5%! It treats astigmatism (cylindrical power), nearsightedness(Minus power called Myopia) and farsightedness (Plus power called Hyperopia).

Before LASIK surgery, your eye surgeon will assess detailed measurements of the eye and will check the overall health of the eye. After thorough evaluation, your eye surgeon will sit with you and explain the best options in your case.  On the day of the surgery, inside the LASIK suite, you will lie down on the operating table and the surgeon will put eye drops to numb the eye making it a complete painless experience for you. During the 5 minutes, you will be looking at a green light (for fixation) and the surgeon will perform the LASIK surgery. After the surgery, you will wear protective glasses and go back home! That’s it! During the first 7 days of the surgery, you will not touch your eye for a healthy healing of the eye.


Is LASIK safe for me?

  • LASIK is one of the most studied elective surgical procedures available today.
  • Based on the research into and clinical experience with LASIK, the rate of complications from LASIK eye surgery is estimated to be well below 1 %!
  • According to the most recent clinical data, more than 96 % of patients report being satisfied with the outcome of their procedure.
  • More than 7,000 peer-reviewed published studies confirm the procedure is both safe and effective.
  • Recent analysis of studies comparing rates of infection between contact lens use and LASIK found that one year of using extended wear of soft contact lenses led to 3 times as many cases of microbial keratitis as LASIK.
  • As a point for reference, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration threshold for safety is less than 5 percent, confirming LASIK far surpasses the standard for safety.
  • In fact, LASIK has never been the primary, exclusive cause of blindness.
  • NASA’s highly advanced tracking system which is used to automate the docking of satellites to the Space Shuttle is used by the LASIK laser platform to track your eye movements.
  • The sophistication of the laser tracking system that follows the eye throughout the procedure will temporarily turn off the laser if it detects sudden, significant movement – like a cough or a sneeze.  Once the patient is safely repositioned under the laser, the procedure can resume.
  • CONTOURA (topography-guided LASIK) has made it possible for patients to see better than they have ever seen in their entire life.

The recommended guidelines to make your LASIK surgery as safe as possible –

  • Compare your options. Researching each eye surgeon’s experience and technology is crucial to the success of your surgery.
  • Avoid making a choice based solely on cost. Some options are cheaper because of lack of surgeon experience or the use of outdated technology.
  • Choose a center that will assure you trust and commitment.


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