Glaucoma Treatment in Mumbai

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a condition that damages your eye’s optic nerve. This is usually due to fluid building in front part of the eye and damaging your optic nerve.

It is often called as a “silent thief of sight” and is known by various local names like “kala-motiya/kanchbindu/kala-paani/jhamar”.

The symptoms start slowly in the peripheral field of vision so you may not notice them early. It is usually an incidental finding detected by examining doctor during a routine dilated eye examination at the eye clinic. Therefore, it is mandatory to undergo a detailed dilated eye examination after 40 years of age.

Most important thing to remember is there is no cure for glaucoma, but early detection can delay the progression and protect your vision.

Symptoms and Signs

  • Frequent change of glasses
  • Colored halos (like rainbow rings) around light
  • Gradual loss of peripheral vision

Consult your doctor right away when you experience

These are mainly symptoms of acute attack of glaucoma and should be treated as an ophthalmic EMERGENCY, otherwise it may lead to blindness.


Some causes of glaucoma include

  • Family history of glaucoma
  • Medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure
  • Use of steroids over a longer duration like skin cream/over the counter eye drops/tablets/injections.
  • Injuries like a punch to the eye
  • In infants/ children due to developmental problems in eye

When to see a


If you notice and glaucoma related symptoms mentioned it is best to see a doctor. Book an appointment with our glaucoma treatment specialists in Mumbai today.