Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Mumbai

A pediatric ophthalmologist is a medical and surgical doctor who specializes in the care of children’s eyes.

Child eye care is fundamentally different from adult eye care and thus MUST be addressed with top priority. As the child’s eye and brain are in the developing stage, any delay in treating eye problems can have permanent consequences with difficult rehabilitation, both, visually and socially. Therefore, pediatric eye care forms the niche segment and requires highly specialized skills and training.

Parents should consult doctors in case their child is having following eye problems

With disturbingly high prevalence of childhood vision impairments in our country, eye problems in children need different diagnostic and treatment modalities.

We, at IKSHA, have an exclusive pediatric eye care facility with state-of -the-art operation theatre managed by dedicated pediatric eye care staff, and is headed by our highly trained pediatric ophthalmologist who offers dedicated service all seven days a week.

FUN FACT- Even before the child can speak, a pediatric ophthalmologist can tell what a child sees, if the child needs glasses, or if the child have any vision problem.


When to see a


It is essential that any visual problems in children are treated as early as possible to avoid arising of visual defects later in life. Book an appointment with our pediatric ophthalmologists in Mumbai today.