What Is the Reason for Irritation and Watering After Cataract Surgery?

Being able to see the world and people is indeed a privilege. While enjoying the privilege, it is essential to protect our eyes and our vision and ensure that our eyes are healthy.

What is a Cataract?

A cataract is defined as a clouding/whitening of the eye’s natural crystalline lens,resulting in difficulty in reading, driving a car, etc. A person cannot appreciate cataracts in their initial days as the cataract develops slowly. There are various causes of cataracts.

Causes of Cataract are as follows:

● Increasing age
● Diabetes Mellitus
● Excessive exposure to sunlight
● Smoking
● Excessive alcohol
● Genetics

Cataract is very common and can be treated easily. There are various cataract surgeons in Mumbai, it is even possible to have cataract surgery in Andheri, Mumbai. Iksha Eye Care has one of the best cataract surgeons in Mumbai with an experience of over a decade. During
surgery, the surgeon replaces the eye’s natural lens with an artificial lens called as Intraocular Lens (IOL) implant.

The most frequent problem which patients face even after a successful cataract surgery is irritation and watering in the operated eye.

Major Causes of Irritation and Watery Eyes are:

Cuts on Corneal Nerves

During cataract surgery, the cornea, i.e., the front transparent part of the eye, plays an important role. A cataract surgeon makes an incision over the cornea to enter inside the eye and replace the original lens with an artificial one. This can lead to temporary dryness and may be one of the reasons of ocular irritation. A 3-month course of lubricating eye drop can help in such cases.

Pre-existing Dry Eyes

If a patient had dry eyes before cataract surgery, there is a high possibility that they may continue to have dry eyes after cataract surgery which is quite normal. In such cases, a 6-month course of 1% carboxymethylcellulose or 0.1% sodium hyaluronate eye drop can help.

Medicines after Cataract Surgery

The use of medications after cataract surgery can irritate the eyes as they come in different formulations like suspensions etc. But all these
medications are utmost important for successful outcome of cataract surgery. Preservatives in eye drops can also cause discomfort in the eyes.

Pre-existing Eye Diseases

Majority of patients undergoing cataract surgery suffer from eyelid problems like meibomian gland dysfunction (oily eyelids) and is one of most common cause of irritation after cataract surgery. Patients with Diabetes Mellitus has a weak ocular tear film (dryness) and can increase the incidence of irritation and watering in the post operative period.

Things To Avoid After Cataract Surgery till 1 month

● Rubbing of eyes
● Driving, unless your doctor allows it
● Heavy lifting of weights
● Swimming and use of hot tubs
● Wearing eye makeup
● Forcible sneezing
● Going in crowdy and dusty places