How Can We Safely Use Contact Lenses?

How the generation has evolved, just like Television went from Box shaped to Slim Edged screens, Cars went from Manual to automatic and now driverless. In the same way Eye-world, Spectacles have evolved into Contact lenses. Now no more worrying about spectacles marks on the edges of the eye, no more tension to clear glasses during rain etc.

Contact lenses are one of the best inventions in the eye-care industry, but only if we use them safely. Here are some safety tips for using contact lenses.

1. Always wash your hands with soap before applying the contact lens and before removing the contact lens.

2. Avoid Sleeping when you are wearing contact lenses.

While sleeping, the amount of oxygen reaching our eyes is less than when we are active. There are more chances of infection as germs are present in closed eyelids, and risk of an eye infection.

3. Never use Saline/Tap water for cleaning Contact lenses.

It is a myth that it might clean your contact lenses, but it does not. Always use the recommended solution for the prescribed contact lens by your eye surgeon. Ask your eye doctor if you need clarification about what to use to disinfect your contact lenses. You can also connect with Iksha Eye Care, the best optometrist in Mumbai.

4. Say NO to ‘Top-up’/ Using the expired Contact Lens Solution.

There are other ways to save money, but not this way. Once you use the solution, its disinfection power has taken off the bid. Every time you use the lenses, always use a fresh solution, and adding new solutions over old ones is also not recommended. After opening the solution, use it before 90 days (discard date), irrespective of the labeled expiry date.

5. Take off your Lenses while Swimming/entering public or private pools.

Have you ever heard about Acanthamoeba? It is an opportunistic pathogen and a host. It is present in every waterbody from Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Water Taps, and Hot water Pools. If this pathogen shakes its hand with your Contact lenses, Acanthamoeba Keratitis is an eye disease that it causes, which can cause fulminant infection of the cornea.

6. Consistently replace your Contact lens case.

Everything needs to be replaced, just like how you all replace your toothbrush, hair combs, and body cleaners. Same way, cases of your contact lenses need to be replaced.

7. Be cautious when they are irritating your eyes/excessively watering.

We should not consider anything which causes irritation or discomfort to us. Whether contact lenses or anything else. It can cause your eyes a corneal injury or infection or lead to blood vessels growing over the cornea, which can permanently affect your vision.

8. Do not use saliva for wetting contact lenses, as the mouth carries a lot of germs.

9. Dailies mean “One Day Use” Only.

Whenever you buy a Daily Disposable lens, we request you discard it after using it for one day. If you discard bread, biscuits and other food items, similarly discard these “One-day” lenses. If you’re looking for a place to buy contact lenses, Iksha Eye Care is the contact lens clinic in Mumbai.

10. Do not use any over-the-counter medication for reducing redness due to contact lenses – An eye specialist should prescribe only preservative-free lubricating eye drops.

11. Contact your eye doctor if you experience – red, painful eyes sensitive to light accompanied by visible discharge and blurry vision. Consult one of Mumbai’s ‘best cornea specialists‘ at Iksha Eye Care.