How to give correct spectacle power to children?

Vision development is one of the most important milestone for child’s development & building a promising career. It’s the key to perform better in academics, sports & other activities. After birth, eye growth takes place and gradually vision develops to its full potential provided clear image falls on retina (posterior part of eye). Any refractive error will blur the image and this will hamper complete vision development.   Uncorrected refractive errors in children lead to poor academic growth, injuries, reduced social participation, and functional impairment. Correction of visual impairment with spectacles is the most cost-effective intervention for improving eye care and thus the productivity and functionality of children.

Signs of Vision Problems

Since children usually don’t complain about vision problems, few signs can help you understand need for eye checkup.

  • If the child is complaining of discomfort in eyes
  • Rubbing or blinking or squeezing their eyes
  • Covering one eye
  • Regular headaches
  • Seeing double
  • Losing place when reading
  • Watching television too closely
  • Repeated eyelid swellings

When the child is facing these issues, there is a need for eye specialists. Spectacles have a quality of being simple to use, non-invasive and inexpensive. However, spectacle power calculation is entirely different in children as compared to adults. Their inherent eye muscle power makes it difficult to determine exact spectacle power by automated machines. Specific eye drops are required to relax eye muscles. Correct spectacle power calculation thus play an important role in such children as their entire life depends on it.

As a responsible parent, you must plan a visit to an experienced Pediatric Ophthalmologist if they notice the aforementioned eye problems in their child. They will guide you through opting for the right spectacles & contact lenses for your child. The proper treatment will manage eye issues and reduce the chance of increasing eye problems.

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Different refractive error

A child with impaired vision may experience the following issues:

Myopia: When a child can’t see things far clearly, it is a standard error in children.

Hyperopia: This type of vision issue is not very common among children. Kids face issues reading or seeing things close to them.

Astigmatism: Children usually see objects blurry due to light rays preventing them from meeting at a common focus.

When you visit pediatric eye specialist, he/she will do a thorough eye checkup which includes visual acuity test to see how the objects appear & eye alignment to see how the eye functions. After putting eye drops, they recommend spectacles if required.

  • In children, spectacle power matters and spectacle frame plays crucial role in delivering that power and at the same time protecting the eyes. Thus, it is necessary to be careful before choosing them. As children are always active, frames can break and hurt the eyes thus selection of right frame and good fit is very essential.

Following are essential factors to keep in mind when selecting glasses for kids.

  • Choose round or rectangular frames which cover whole eyes.
  • Opt for plastic frames which are durable
  • An elastic strap can help to keep glasses in position for active kids
  • Polycarbonate lenses are best as they are tough, shatterproof & light.
  • Hard coat lenses are recommended as they are less prone to scratches and stronger.

It is necessary to be clear with instructions for points like

  • In children, glasses are usually meant for constant use unless specified,
  • Always wear and remove glasses with eyes closed and hold glasses with both the hands ,
  • It is most important to clean the glasses & should also be aware of how to clean them.


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